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Starting today, IKOS will be showing up at doors across the country!

We are extremely grateful for the support which we have received from the Kickstarter community. We value your opinions so please let us know about your experience!


Welcome to a well-rounded world.


IKOs will be on sale soon for the general public. Our website will be ready to process orders in about 2 weeks. The discount codes we provided for you and your friends will also be valid at that point in time. Until then, please send us your feedback and pictures of your awesome creations to our facebook page.

Visit Our Facebook Page

We are eager for you to join the spherical revolution. Right now we are ramping up the production of IKOS but in the mean time, give us your email and we will notify you when IKOS are ready to go.

Endless Possibilites

Look out your window. count the 90 degree angles. we’ve built a world of right angles. boxes

our minds are boxed in by this industrial order. it’s a regime of thinking. it’s a flat land world

now look up. look to the heavenly spheres. look at the natural world

watch what a drop of water wants to be

this is the shape matter wants to be in it’s natural state this is what we should be teaching our children

not with blocks but with ikos

it is a holistic state

a world without edges

it starts with an idea embodied in a new shape to build the world of future